10 young entrepreneurs who triumphed before the age of 35

At present, young entrepreneurs have a great opportunity to carry out their projects. Never before has there been such an auspicious time to undertake successfully.

Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Mark Zuckerberg were young entrepreneurs who developed their business from the university.

However, it seems that Latin America and Spain are the cradles of the most successful young entrepreneurs of the moment, which is admirable because most of them are under 35 years old.

Young entrepreneurs with the same reality:

We are talking about really young professionals who have achieved success after carrying out extraordinary projects.

And unlike most success stories we hear, which have a different reality from ours, in this article, we will share the story of 10 young entrepreneurs who have marked a milestone in the modern era thanks to their innovative ideas.

Indeed, their ventures have positively impacted the lives of thousands of people in scientific, economic, energy, food and much more.

Below we will present 10 cases of young entrepreneurs from Latin America and Spain who have managed to develop disruptive, innovative and utilitarian projects for today’s society.

Each of their stories will inspire you to start your own story, take time to learn how to start a business, and turn your life around.

1. Didac Sánchez, the face of the Legisdalia Group:

This young Spaniard achieved success at 22 after creating a data protection consulting firm known as Legisdalia.

It quickly became a successful legal network that operates under the franchise format in some 80 cities in Spain.

However, Sanchez did not comply with this venture and decided to create new companies that also succeeded in the Spanish territory: Subrogalia and Eliminalia.

The first is considered as the benchmark of surrogacy in this European country, and the second leads the sector of data elimination on the Internet, both in the land that saw him born, as in other places in the world.

All these ventures motivated him to form the popular Legisdalia Group that covers 5 business areas: Internet, Health, Law, Energy, and Communication.

This conglomerate combines companies in 5 countries and 2013 it was estimated that its turnover was 24.7 million euros.

2. Edison Durán, the founder of PleiQ:

Edison is one of the young Venezuelan entrepreneurs who has given more to talk about worldwide.

He managed to iterate his augmented reality project for advertising campaigns and knew how to turn it into a “magic” learning cube.

Yes, with his playful entrepreneurship he seeks to help preschoolers improve their cognitive abilities.

And not only that, but it is also a functional tool for parents and teachers who want to have more information about the training of children.

Durán is envisioned in Silicon Valley to have the opportunity to improve the future of some 20 million Latin American children through PleiQ, the first self-taught augmented reality game.

3. Jaime Martínez and his Terra project:

Jaime is another of the young entrepreneurs who managed to conquer success in the early ’30s.

He developed an ingenious system of financing and management of solar panels and therefore has dedicated himself to promoting this source of energy in the Mexican territory with great desire.

His venture, the Terra Project, allowed him to be included in the list of Innovators under 35, prepared by the MIT Technology Review (in Spanish).

Martínez wants to produce clean energy that will save money in Mexico and other locations around the world, and to date, he has taken leaps and bounds towards achieving this goal because in just 2 years he managed to create a base of 15 thousand clients.

4. Alejandra Chávez, the producer of “functional food”:

Alejandra is part of young entrepreneurs under 35 thanks to her healthy initiative.

As you read it, this Mexican has dedicated herself to converting “common” foods, such as tortillas or bread, into foods that are capable of preventing certain diseases such as cancer.

In this sense, he managed to develop a method that preserves the beneficial properties of flavonoids – which are natural pigments that protect the body from oxidizing agents.

That way Chávez makes sure to produce “functional food” enriched with flavonoids, which can also be consumed by Mexican populations with fewer resources.

His efforts have earned him international recognition, so much so that MIT has considered him as one of the most influential and under 35 young entrepreneurs on the Latin American scene.

5. Máximo Cavazzani, the founder of Etermax:

Máximo is one of the most proactive and productive young Argentine entrepreneurs of the moment.

From a young age, he was clear that he wanted to leave his mark on the computer sector, and when he was just 22 years old and was studying Software Engineering at the university, he ventured to develop iStockManager.

This was the first free application that allowed to buy and sell shares from home, which obtained a resounding and immediate success.

It was purchased by the American broker agency TD Ameritrade for a sum that amounted to 7 digits.

Máximo took advantage of that good run to continue undertaking, instead of devoting himself to enjoying the fortune he had earned after closing his millionaire sale.

It was then that he created Etermax, a firm that has created games such as Apalabrados y Askdos, which became the most downloaded free app from the App Store in the United States.

6. Mariana Costa, the creator of Laboratorio:

This Peruvian has given a lot to talk about with her social entrepreneurship named Laboratorio.

Through this project, it is dedicated to training young and low-income women in the field of programming and web development in countries such as Mexico, Chile, and Peru.

Mariana has dedicated a large part of her professional life to promoting social development programs in the most disadvantaged regions of the hemisphere, which has made her the winner of numerous and important awards.

Laboratorio already has offices in Lima, Mexico, and Santiago, Chile, and also has 2 training centers in Sao Paulo and Guadalajara.

Mariana’s purpose is to empower women who have not been able to access quality education so they can have great job opportunities in the technology sector.

To this end, it focuses on educating them at the highest level and is also concerned with helping them forge a promising future in which they are not underestimated by their gender or their economic capabilities.

7. Beto Pérez, to the rhythm of Zumba:

Alberto was considered one of the most emblematic young entrepreneurs in Colombia, especially because in his 30’s he developed the popular fitness program “ Zumba”.

“Beto” – as he is best known – is a Colombian choreographer who forged his career dancing with great artists such as Daddy Yankee, Pitbull, or Don Omar.

However, he wanted to transcend with his passions and this prompted him to found Zumba Fitness LLC in 2006, eventually impacting the lives of more than 14 million people.

His dance routines and aerobic exercises are followed by thousands of enthusiasts, which has allowed him to diversify his services considerably.

Today he directs subsidiaries such as Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Oro, Zumba children and more. Pérez has exploited his entrepreneurial spirit since his 30’s and everything indicates that he will continue innovating for quite some time.

8. Karina von Baer, ​​the creator of Agrotop:

This Chilean of German descent also integrates the list of outstanding young entrepreneurs from Latin America and Spain, due to the success of her Agrotop company.

This is a kind of holding that brings together several companies dedicated to the agricultural sector: Saprosem, Granato, Oleotop, and Aventop, with which it has managed to become one of the largest grain buyers in Chile.

His venture has allowed him to forge a fairly important heritage, and already more than one considers Karina as a great Chilean visionary.

9. Izanami Martínez, the head of Nanobox:

Martínez knew how to achieve success before his 30th birthday, and all thanks to the fact that he did not give up on achieving his dreams.

At age 18 he decided that it was time to start his own business, and shortly thereafter, when his sister became pregnant, he discovered a niche market that ended up being quite lucrative, and ultimately, a very profitable business.

This Spanish realized that pregnant women do not have time to choose their children’s products as they grow, and then they were encouraged to create a subscription box containing between 7 and 9 products adapted to the baby’s age.

So for 25 euros per month interested women receive this box with much cheaper products than those available in conventional stores.

Nonabox is a leader in its sector in countries such as Austria, the United Kingdom, Spain, and France, and in 2014 alone it invoiced about 4 million euros.

 10. Sergio Escoté and his Optima Network empire: 

This Catalan entrepreneur became famous when he was just a teenager. Yes, with only 14 years he discovered the potential of the Internet to earn money and began buying web domains with the few savings he had.

Then he proceeded to resell them for a much higher price than he had initially paid, and with the profits obtained he founded his first company: MultasNo.com

Later, when he was 20 years old, he founded Optima Network, a company dedicated to computer security, and to increase the income earned through online business.

Sergio has never abandoned success. Therefore, when he was 23, he already had offices in Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Tokyo, and New York, and by the end of 2013, his company had a turnover of 1 million euros per month.

The benefits of entrepreneurship when young:

Young entrepreneurs enjoy very good opportunities that can explode in their business.

The fact of venturing into creating a company while young, has great benefits that we will mention below.

1. You can gain experience:

The university is a time where young people begin to live a variety of new situations in their lives.

That is why, you should take the opportunity to risk living new experiences and learn from everything, not only because you will know how to be smarter, but because of these new experiences and learnings they will help you to start a business.

2. Being able to make a mistake and change your decision easily:

When you are young there are multiple possibilities of selecting friends, student groups, research seedbeds, and others.

The young entrepreneurs know that participate in these events and groups will provide knowledge in new fields and help them learn what they like to invest your time.

The experience usually comes from the mistakes you make. So when you make a mistake or realize that a certain field of work is not your thing you can easily change your decision and look for possibilities elsewhere.

3. Knowledge and resources at your fingertips:

In addition to specialized classes in entrepreneurship issues, young entrepreneurs have access to complementary subjects of other university degrees, which can provide you with theoretical and practical foundations to correctly guide your ideas.

In college, you are surrounded by professionals in training and others experienced as professors, who provide after-school counseling and have specialized knowledge of their area and market.

4. Financial freedom:

Financial freedom is one of the greatest rewards of young entrepreneurs who succeed. When you are young you have time in your favor, which allows you to make investments and enjoy the benefits of compound interest.

Additionally, having personal finances under control and knowing how to manage money is a fundamental skill that will serve you greatly for an economically stable future.

5. Free time:

When you are young you enjoy a lot of free time. While you must meet class schedules, and extra work, you have no responsibility to work more than 8 hours a day.

So young entrepreneurs use their free time to perform different activities such as work on their business idea, interact with other people, participate in calls and work on other personal projects.

Entrepreneurship is synonymous with success

The stories of these 10 young entrepreneurs have made something very clear to us, and that is when you decide to take the risk and start a business when you are young, the chances of success play in your favor.

We are not saying that it is easy or fast, rather the invitation is that you start up that project that excites or excites you, instead of keeping it under control.

If you do not know how to start, you can read our ebook How to Start a Business, where we share with you the 30 steps you must take to start a successful business from scratch and without experience.

You will see that if you get down to work you can succeed like all these young entrepreneurs who are leaving an indelible mark in the field of science, technology or food.

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