26 Virtual specializations that will improve your professional future

Nowadays virtual specializations have become one of the best allies of professionals as they allow them to continue preparing academically, without abandoning their jobs or even leaving home.

This is because new information and communication technologies have revolutionized the way we communicate, which allows us to take distance courses without any obstacles.

In this sense, there are dozens of public and private universities in Latin America, and other European countries such as Spain, which already have online learning classrooms to pursue virtual specializations in a wide variety of branches.

You can currently make virtual specializations related to Health Sciences, Law, Marketing, Public Relations, Engineering and stop counting.

Virtual specializations at your fingertips:

Thanks to the power and reach of the Internet, you can specialize in almost any area that catches your attention from your computer, cell phone or tablet, just by accessing your classrooms online and this is great due to the new opportunities that you are They can present in your professional life.

In this article, we will share with you a series of virtual specializations that you can study in the most prestigious universities in the world. In the same way, you will find other offers of online careers to complement your professional training.

Additionally, we will tell you how you can register, what options you have available at this moment, and much more information about these virtual specializations.

The most outstanding virtual specializations

Now, it is time to get into the subject and tell you which are the most outstanding or demanded virtual specializations in the main Spanish and Latin American study houses.

The idea is that you take a look to define which of them best suits your university career, your previous knowledge, or your work, entrepreneurship or business needs.

And you know what is the best part? Well, that’s kind of study gives you the freedom to study at your own pace and convenience, so you have no excuses for not specializing in your field of work.

1. Digital Marketing:

This virtual specialization is presented by the  Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, which occupies the first place in the list of the best universities in Latin America in 2019 according to the QS ranking.

This specialization in Digital Marketing is one of the most demanded because the big brands do not stop expanding in 2.0 spaces on a universal scale.

This means that more and more specialized professionals are needed in this area to help them build communities on the web that allow them to approach their business objectives, invest in the possibilities of making money online, and approach their final consumers.

These types of virtual specializations are designed to take them in a fairly short time, and this can be completed in just 8 weeks.

Stresses that to take it you need to have a professional university degree or a technical training center, but ultimately the admission process is simple and friendly.

If you are interested in knowing their study programs, their costs, admission process, and start date, we invite you to visit their official website.

2. Development of mobile applications with Android:

This is one of the most requested virtual specializations of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and you can take it through the Coursera learning platform.

It is a program specialized in the development of mobile applications through Android Studio that allows its students to connect with millions of users through Google Play.

Those interested in this professional specialization prepare to develop highly profitable mobile apps through the Java Programming, Database (DBMS), Material Design domain and more.

Link: Access the specialization

3. Optimization of chemical processes:

This virtual specialization is dictated by the Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia, which ranks fifth in the QS ranking of the best Spanish-American universities, and this is one of its most popular specializations.

This is due to the great global changes linked to energy, the preservation of the environment and the development of profitable products.

That is why Chemical Engineers are very interested in this specialization and decide to study at the University of Los Andes in Colombia.

Link: Access the university catalog

4. Master’s degree in Big Data:

This master’s degree is taught by the European University Miguel de Cervantes, a well-known entity in Spain and currently has several virtual specializations in great demand, with the Master in Big Data being its main banner.

During this online program, the student learns about the analysis, storage, processing, and visualization of data that are super valuable for developing successful and profitable business strategies.

Their professionals usually have a very wide labor field: from insurance companies to banking entities, and therefore this type of online master’s degree is gaining more and more acceptance and popularity in the global market.

Link: Access to online degrees

5. Specialized program in Introduction to Artificial Intelligence:

Once again, UNAM says present around the best virtual specializations that you can take today.

And it is that this house of higher studies occupies the fourth place in the ranking of the most prestigious Latin American universities according to QS, so undoubtedly it stands out for the variety and quality of its learning.

This specialized program is also available at Coursera, and through it, you will know what are the techniques and concepts most related to the construction of the so-called intelligent systems.

So, if you are interested in artificial intelligence, this is an excellent option to take a step forward in your professional update.

Link: Access the specialization

6. Environmental Law:

More than a specialization, this is a virtual diploma offered by the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

During your lessons, you will learn to identify, interpret and analyze technical and legal criteria related to environmental regulations, regardless of your place of origin.

Within the study program, we find themes such as concepts of law in general, environmental and ecological contextualization, the legal framework for natural resources, territorial planning, and mining.

The Javierana University has a wide range of courses and programs that you can find on the EdX platform, then we leave you the link to see the academic offer.

Link: Access JavieranaX

 7.  International Trade:

 The University of Palermo is one of the most recognized in Argentina, and today it has a few specialized programs of high reach and demand, such as International Trade.

If this type of online specialization catches your attention, you should feel at ease with its syllabus, and for you to familiarize yourself with it, we will share a couple of chairs that make up this program. 

  • Customs legislation.
  • Microeconomics.
  • Costs
  • Trade and international business.
  • Macroeconomy.
  • Production and Services
  • International Marketing and more.

The virtual classrooms of this Argentine alma mater are first class, and through its advanced modules, you can interact with the other students and with the teaching staff without any difficulty.

Visit the official website of the University of Palermo and learn more. You just have to access ” Online Education ” and then choose the virtual specializations that interest you most to learn more about their programs, costs, start dates and admission requirements.

Link: Access the University of Palermo

8. Master in online cybersecurity:

This master’s degree is taught by the European University, one of the most famous in Madrid. It is important to mention that this master is gaining more and more followers on a universal scale thanks to its digital modality.

Virtual specializations in these branches have become vitally important in recent years, especially since the need to be protected on the web becomes increasingly evident. This represents a great business opportunity.

This means that your work field will be quite wide, so do not miss the opportunity to take this online master, which has been considered as one of the 5 best specializations in Computer Science in the world.

On the website of the European University, you will find more about these and other virtual specializations that you can take online, and from the comfort of your home or office.

Link: Access to the European University

9. Management skills development: 

Developing managerial skills is something that never goes out of style, and therefore this is one of the most outstanding virtual specializations of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education.

Those who complete this online program acquire high-impact management skills that allow them to execute positive strategies and changes in organizations since they have very sharp creative and critical thinking.

They also have high leadership abilities and therefore can execute managerial positions with great success.

The Tecnológico de Monterrey has a large catalog of virtual specializations, which will serve you and you can inquire more about their specificities by entering its official website.

10. Master’s degree in law and local administration: 

If you have a degree in Law, Public Administration, Political Science, Economics, or Business, then this master’s degree taught by the University of Burgos is ideal for you.

Its study program is designed to be completed entirely online and its work field expands rapidly in the most developed countries. Among some of the topics you will learn are:  

  • Hiring, Patrimony, and Management of Public Services.
  • Local economic and financial law.
  • Urban and environmental management.
  • Basic institutions of Local Law and more.

Link: Access to the University of Burgos

11. Instructional leadership:

This diploma presented by the  Pontifical Catholic University of Chile is available in the Coursera profile of this renowned Chilean university, and increasingly receives more attention and importance in different fields.

The professionals who can get the most out of it are those who serve as school or university leaders, and education professionals whose mission is to optimize the learning and teaching processes.

Link: Access Coursera

12. Solve real business problems

In this specialization taught by the University of Pennsylvania, you will develop elementary techniques in the business language, which you can use to change to a new career, start or improve your business, or apply at the business school to continue your training.

Link: Access the specialization

13. Develop your marketing strategy

Learn about the concepts and tools you need to successfully develop the marketing strategy of your company, product or service.

With this specialization offered by the IE Business School, you will learn to understand consumers and the main market research techniques, as well as segmenting correctly, and how to define the positioning of your product to be successful.

Link: Access the specialization

14. Program in the development of new ideas:

This specialization is offered by the Universidad de Los Andes and is designed under the principles of learning by doing.

With this virtual specialization, you will learn how to start a business, to develop from the identification of real consumer needs, validate ideas with real consumers through prototypes and look for sales quickly, to ensure the transformation of the individual into an entrepreneur.

Link: Access the specialization 

15. Management skills:

This specialization offered by UNAM is aimed at anyone who wishes to develop their potential and prepare to occupy positions at managerial levels. For those who wish to significantly improve their managerial performance and obtain the essential characteristics of the best leaders.

Link: Access the specialization

16. Effective leadership for the 21st century:

This specialization is aimed at anyone interested in connecting with their purposes and deepening their skills to progress in very complex personal and collective challenges.

These types of virtual specializations show us that leadership, beyond being a position within a company or business, is an attitude that you assume in your professional life.

This specialization is presented by the Universidad de Los Andes on the Coursera platform.

Link: Access the specialization

17. Specialization in Digital Marketing:

This specialization is presented by the Universidad Austral de Chile in Coursera.

With this type of digital marketing course, you will understand in a theoretical and practical way the tools that are used today by the world’s leading companies, to plan, implement and monitor their Digital Marketing strategies.

Link: Access the specialization

18. Project administration:

This specialization covers the processes of initiation and project planning, definition and estimation of budgets, as well as risk management and change management.

This virtual specialization addresses the issues from the basic principles, which allows you to know the best methodologies for managing projects and budgets.

You can find it in Coursera and it is presented by the Tecnológico de Monterrey and the Irvine University of California.

Link: Access the specialization

19. Professional success:

This series of courses that make up one of the best virtual specialties of Coursera will help you build, develop and improve the essential skills needed to improve your job placement capacity and your progress, in today’s dynamic working world.

You will learn key concepts for more than being a good person, improving your skills to become an attractive option in the professional and business market.

Link: Access the specialization

20. Specialization in business communication in English:

This specialization serves as an introduction to business English, where you will learn to communicate about topics such as management, finance, and marketing.

You will also learn to write proposals, executive summaries, and advertising material, as well as the language structures necessary to conduct a meeting, make sales, and negotiate other business transactions.

The best thing is that it is dictated by Arizona State University, so you will have access to native teachers connected from your home.

LinkAccess the specialization

21. Basic Chinese: Business language and culture

This specialization offers three courses that cover practical topics such as the language used in a trip to China, everyday conversations, and business-related vocabulary.

These types of virtual specializations are very important in case you want to have business with this Asian country. For example, here we tell you how to import from China and have a profitable home business.

Link: Access the specialization

22. Application development in iOS:

This program covers the fundamentals of iOS application development, including programming with Swift, basic UI design concepts, iOS content integration, and prototyping.

As a project, you will have to create a prototype of an iOS application that works and records entries and communicates results to a server. It is offered in Coursera by Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Link: Access the specialization

23. Development and design of video games:

In this program, you will learn to design and create 2D and 3D videogames and you will know the market where your products will move when they are finished. You will acquire a practical vision of the videogame industry, and examine effective videogame development strategies.

Link: Access the specialization

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